About Us

Ellie Rimkus is the face behind the ElleBelleVie brand. She is a known fashionista who has a true passion for fashion. Not only does she love being fashionable herself, she also loves finding clothes that speak to her clients. She loves to work with women to help them feel more confident and the best versions of themselves. It is her goal to make sure her services are catered to each client’s personality and lifestyle. 

Ellie has worked in the Fashion Retail Industry since she was 16. Throughout these years, she has gained a lot of experience on all aspects of the industry. She has worked in Sales, Management, Visual Merchandising, and Operations all while going to college. She graduated in 2021 from Texas State University with her degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Business Administration. After college while working numerous jobs, she knew she wanted to go the entrepreneurial route. She wanted to make a bigger impact and realized she could become a personal stylist. She wanted to truly help women discover their style and how it pertains to who they are, rather than just trying to sell merchandise to reach a company sales goal. She got her Personal Stylist Certification from the Style Academy International and has been working on perfecting her business ever since.