Our Services

We offer a variety of different services at various prices depending on your fashionable needs. Please see all of our services below.

Looking to revamp your wardrobe? Have a special event coming up and you need an outfit to wear? Want to look like the real-life version of your Pinterest board? Schedule an in-person or online personal shopping session today! Shopping can be fun, but also a little overwhelming if you don’t know what you are looking for. We are here to alleviate that stress and to make the experience as smooth and fun as possible.

Want to know your seasonal color palette? Want to know what colors go best with your specific features? Schedule a Color Analysis today! We also talk about Color Theory and how you can use it to your advantage when styling pieces you already own!

With this service, the stylist will get your 
Vertical and Horizontal measurements- which we will go into more detail in the initial consultation. Once we get the measurements, we determine what your body shape is and how to style yourself based on that.
Want to clear out and declutter your closet, but you have no idea where to start? Look no further! With this service, the stylist will analyze each item in our closet and help you determine whether you want to keep or get rid of it. When you declutter your space, you declutter your mind- and this applies to closets too! Another bonus is that the stylists will take whatever clothes you do not want and donate or repurpose them to your liking.
Do you have pieces in your closet that have been sitting there for years? Do you have certain pieces that you love, but you just don’t know how to style? If so, go ahead and book a capsule wardrobe styling session today! It is great if you want to be sustainable- as it uses a minimalistic approach. It is crazy how many outfits you can create with just a few pieces.


PINK PACKAGE: $355 ($425 Value)

  • FREE Consultation
  • Color/Body Analysis
  • 5 Outfits

ROSE GOLD PACKAGE: $510 + ($1050 Value)

  • FREE Consultation
  • Color/Body Analysis 
  • 10 Outfits
  • Closet Clean Out (approx $300)

HOT PINK PACKAGE: $860+ ($1375 Value)

  • FREE Consultation
  • Color/Body Analysis
  • 15-20 Outfits (Capsule Wardrobe)
  • Closet Clean Out